1. Why am I not able to see my reports?

This could happen if any of the following is true:

-Your reports have not been published by your lab.
-Some balance is due on your bill.

2. Who do I get in touch with for my reports?

We would first recommend contacting your lab directly. You can however also reach out to us through our support page and we will help in coordinating with the right person.

3. What do you mean by my patient ID or patient code?

Your patient ID is your unique registration number with us. You can login with this ID to manage all your reports, bookings or visits under one account. You can even upload your medical related documents in your personal FileVault for safe storage.

4. How do I find out my patient ID or code?

- Your patient ID is given to you at the time of your registration at the lab either via print or through SMS/email.
- You can also find your patient ID on your dashboard.

5. What is Zureka?

At Zureka our goal is to deliver the best diagnostic experience. With a Zureka health account you can store all your health records conveniently at one place and access it anywhere anytime. Zureka also helps you discover diagnostic labs around you and provides offers on various health packages for all your diagnostic needs.

6. What can I get offers on?

We have offers on various health packages on our portal (www.zureka.in/packages). You can also get offers on almost any path and radiology tests from blood sugar to cultures tests to X-Ray and MRI scans.

7. I want to continue living a healthy life and wish to avail a health package. What to do?

That’s brilliant! Pick up your phone and dial 9311-456-456 or just write to us at [email protected] and we will make sure that you get the best packages possible based on your needs.

8. Isn’t there an easier way then typing all these tests?

Sure there is! Feel free to call us on the numbers listed on our site. You could also WhatsApp us your prescription or even upload it from one of the many conveniently located links on Zureka. You could of course also email us at [email protected] with your contact details and we will get back to you asap.

9. I am unable to find a test. What to do now?

Some tests have multiple names or spellings. While we try our best to make sure to account for all that, there are chances that we may have missed something. Feel free to call 9311-456-456 or email at [email protected] or fill up the feedback form and we will be happy to help.

10. How do I get in touch with a lab?

Simply use the Get Details button to get their contact and address details sent to your phone via SMS and/or email. You can also use the get directions link to get the exact walking/driving directions to the lab.

11. I am unable to find any labs in my region?

We are adding labs on a regular basis but there are still regions we haven’t touched yet. If you feel we have missed out a lab in your region, please let us know at [email protected]

12. Do I need to make any preparations for the test?

Different tests have different requirements; some tests require fasting while some don’t. We would request you to coordinate with your lab on this.

13. When is the sample collection person going to come to my home?

We have worked with all our partnered labs to coordinate with you first. A representative will give you a call and setup a time and place as per your convenience. However, if its urgent and the lab is taking some time to make the first contact then please let us know at 9311-456-456 and we will make sure that your request is given the utmost attention.

14. What are Zureka powered labs?

Apart from doing all this awesome work, we also provide cloud based lab management software to labs. Zureka powered labs are labs which are using our software and hence have the capabilities of offering you an end-to-end solution right from sample pickup to report delivery on our mobile app or email. These labs also let you compare and visualize your tests reports wherever possible.

15. What does Zureka rating mean?

The Zureka rating is an ever evolving highly intelligent system taking in over 35 quality parameters like the type of services offered to lab accreditations, making sure that you are able to make an informed decision and always have a hassle free experience.

16. What is NABL?

NABL stands for National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories. It’s an autonomous body under the Government of India that certifies labs based on the processes followed by them to ensure high accuracy and quality of tests.

17. How or where do I pay?

While we only have cash on sample pickup (COS) option available for most of the labs, an online payment option is now available for a selected few. Labs who offer online payment are easily identifiable across Zureka especially while placing the order.

18. Is the platform secure?

We use one of the worlds finest and highly secure industry level data centers. No worries, everything is safe.

19. Who do I get in touch with for any other questions?

Call us at 9311-456-456 or click on Provide Feedback/Need Help or simply email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.