It Is Our Mission

To deliver trusted
diagnostic solutions to you.

What we Do

The right treatment begins with the right diagnosis.

And we have put the right diagnosis within your reach, with the kind of ground that we have covered to get the database that we have, we have figured out a way to put the entire diagnostic lab industry within your reach in a way that is convenient and easy to access.

Why We Do It

  • To Get You The Value That You Deserve

    Because we believe that when you pay for something, you deserve to get the quality that you expect.

  • To Enable and Empower You

    Because we understand how important being able to monitor your health is to you..

  • To Evolve The sector

    The path labs has needed to get the tech upgrade for some time now and we have provided them the same through our state of the art solutions.

  • To Have A Healthier Nation

    We do what we do because we dream of a healthier nation where people will take their health and wellbeing seriously and where preventive diagnosis is considered to be the better diagnosis.

Who we are

We are a path lab location, rating and patient database service located out of New Delhi that is oriented towards providing quality diagnostic solutions available for you 24X7. We are:

  • 2000+ labs strong
  • With 300+ labs enrolled as partners
  • A name you can trust

Who we are

The Zureka Ethic

  • Result Oriented

    We have always been a result-oriented, target-driven organisation and this makes us reliable when you want quality and consistency.

  • Driven

    We are driven individuals who understand how important it is to get the right diagnostic solutions to you and to enable you to monitor your health.

  • Motivated

    We are motivated to deliver to you exactly what we commit, and nothing less.

In conclusion

We believe that you deserve better

At Zureka, we have always believed that you can create something of immense value if you get the right solutions for people and streamline otherwise inefficient processes. This simple thought drives us to do better, everyday.